Vegetable Stock

The more I think about my life, evaluate my decisions, and see my effect on the world, I realize that there are many small things I can do to be better. I can work harder to recycle, I can create less waste, use less harmful chemicals and generally try to be more mindful of the effects my actions have on our environment.

In an effort to make less waste I have started making my own vegetable stock with veggie scraps from my day to day cooking. Every time I chop an onion, press a garlic clove, peel a potato or cut the ends off of my asparagus, I place the scraps in a freezer bag, place the bag in the freezer and wait for the bad to fill up.

Once I have an entire gallon bag full of veggies I pull out my instant pot and get ready to make my stock! Not only is this saving me money from having to buy chicken stock every month, but it is helping to reduce our household waste. (Roth and I are also hoping to start a compost pile which will help reduce our waste even more!)

So let’s get down to the recipe for the easiest stock you’ve ever made.

What you need:

  • Instant Pot
  • gallon bag of frozen veggie scraps
  • 8 cup of water


What you do:

Plug in your instant pot, dump your veggie scraps into the pot.


Fill pot with 8 cups of water.

Close the lid of your pot, and be sure your valve is set to to Sealing.

Click the Soup/Broth button and set to high pressure for 10 minutes.


When the pot goes off, let the broth Natural Pressure Release (NPR) and once the pressure has released take the lid off, unplug the pot and let the broth cool.

Once the contents of the pot have cooled enough, strain the veggies out of the broth. (Some people have a nifty strainer made for their instant pot, having that strainer would make this process much easier, but I do not have that accessory yet.)

Seeing as I do not have the nifty IP strainer, I just use a large bowl and my normal strainer to separate the veggie scraps from my broth.

Once strained, I transfer my broth into a Ziploc bag for freezing and a glass jar for immediate use.



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