Monthly Menu Planning

Roth and I do most of our grocery shopping at the beginning of the month, we go to  Costco for bulk items, we visit Publix to hit the sales and then, if we need anything else, we visit Walmart. We have found that buying in bulk at Costco has helped us to get good quality meat at a lower cost. When we get home from the store we have to portion the meat out into individual servings, but it is worth the extra effort to know we have all of the meat we will need for the next month on hand.

While we have found that buying in bulk helps to save us some money,  we constantly forget to pull frozen meat out of the freezer. By the time we get home from work and remember that the meat needs to be defrosted, we decide we don’t want to wait and go out. In an effort to prevent us from spending so much money on eating out and to help make my life easier, I have started to make a monthly menu. It helps me to plan our grocery list, and I always know what to take out of the freezer. Its also great because I don’t have to think about what I am going to make for dinner (which is always hard for me) and it gives me a piece of mind to have everything planned out. I have only done this for a month so far, but it really seems to help keep us from eating out as often!


I create my shopping list right under my menu, and I plan in advance for all the things we will need to make these meals through the month. My Grammie taught me the best way to create a shopping list is by section of the store. I create mine by section and I also  choose to order my list by the path we always use to walk through the store. For example, at Costo, Roth and I always start at the left side of the store by the produce and meat, I have no clue why we do this, but I guess it is probably a normal thing to do.

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Last month I had enough time to look through all of the sale flyers before grocery shopping, by doing this I was able to mark the sale items we were going to buy so we knew what to buy at which store. My methods are far from perfect, but they are working for me so far!

 Please feel free to share your shopping methods with me!


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