Italian Sausage Sandwiches

Growing up in the Smith house food was always something our family bonded over. Many of my childhood memories are connected to food in some way, our family always ate dinner together and most of our family functions were filled with amazing meals. One of my favorite nights was always Italian sausage night! Something about the smell of sweet Italian sausage reminds me of home. My mom (shout out to Carrie Smith) taught me how to make it her way, and over time I’ve tweaked it a bit. It is such a quick, easy and delicious dinner!

What you’ll need:

  • One small onion
  • One bell pepper
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • One fourth a cup of vegetable or chicken stock
  • Two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • One can of diced or crushed tomatoes
  • Hoagie rolls or hot dog buns


I buy my Italian Sausage at Costco, I use it in my meatballs, occasionally in my meatloaf and at least once a month we have these sandwiches, so buying in bulk is by far the best option.

What to do:

My mom always cooks her Italian sausage in an electric skillet , I typically cook mine the same way, start  by adding two tablespoons of olive oil and heating up your skillet to 300 degrees.

Once the skillet is hot add your sausage and let them brown. img_6108

While the sausage is browning, start chopping your vegetables. I cut the onion and bell pepper into slices and I use my garlic press for the garlic. I keep my vegetable scraps in a small bowl while cooking, when I am done I add them to a freezer bag and freeze them to use in my vegetable stock.


Check on your sausage and flip it once the first side is browned. img_6111

When the second side is browned remove the sausage to a plate and set aside. Don’t worry if you still see some pink, they will finish cooking with the veggies later.


Add a bit of stock to the bottom of your skillet to deglaze. Add your veggies once the stock starts to bubble. Mix the vegetables up and start to cook them down.

Once the onion and pepper have cooked down a bit, add the sausage and the can of tomatoes into the skillet and mix it all up.

Cover the dish and let it all simmer. When cooking the sausage this time around it will lose some of it’s color, don’t worry about it we will brown them again once the veggies are done. While this is simmering away I start my side dishes and clean up any mess that I have already made.


Uncover the skillet and mix the vegetables, once the veggies look cooked down enough I move them to the side so I can brown the sausage again.


Flip the sausage a few times to brown them, periodically stir the veggies so they don’t burn.

 Once you’ve browned them to your desired color, turn the skillet off and serve dinner!


My mom always serves this meal with tater-tots and a vegetable, I opted for Brussels sprouts this time around but the tater-tots really complete the meal for me!


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