Simple Details

I love for my home to feel warm, cozy and welcoming. I think it easiest way to do this is with small details. I add little things to my decor that help. Below are a few of the little details in my home that help to make it feel just a bit more cozy. This mirror tray is on the buffet in our dinning room, I replace the vases and cow with a cake whenever we have visitors at the house. Cows are a running theme in our house, I spent my formative years on a dairy farm, I’ve loved cows and oak trees ever since. So I pick up on those things while I am decorating our home. I keep this tray on our coffee table so that our remotes have a home, it keeps  us from losing them and helps the table look less cluttered. I have some fresh flowers, a candle and a little cow on the tray, to add a little classic and whimsical to our living room.

img_6027.jpgBuster is modeling the two little trunks I keep on our fireplace, they store a few little things that I’d rather not have sitting out cluttering our living room and they look cute sitting on the corner! This basket in the corner of the living room keeps extra pillows and throw blankets. I feel like it make the room all the more cozy and it prevents guests from having to ask for an extra pillow or blanket when they are watching a movie at our house!

These are just a few of the little things I added to the house to make it functional and cozy! 


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